Florida Women Suffering from Addiction is a recovery group for women who struggle with addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, and gambling. We meet once a month at First Baptist Orlando to come together as women empowering each other. We accommodate all healing modalities here, and our meetings are All Recovery meetings. All Recovery is a method of recovery that accepts everyone’s unique path, whether that’s through traditional 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or alternative groups like SMART Therapy.

We believe that we should all be helping each other and supporting each other, not arguing over which method of recovery is the best. All recovery programs are good. For some people, the 12-step programs work extremely well. For other people, groups like SMART Recovery are much more useful and beneficial.

We also will host social events like parties and girls’ nights once a season. Check out our events page to see what we’ve got coming up.

It should also be noted that we include trans women in our community. If you identify as female—whether you are cisgendered or transgendered—and you struggle with an addiction or someone you love struggles with an addiction, you are welcome.

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